LinovHR is a provider of enterprise business solutions, with a strong focus on HR & talent management.

Building a good product is not an easy tasks, even more develop a payroll software needs high accuracy, performance and security for sure. The failure and mistakes that we found during developing and implementing the software made our team getting solid and better in understanding of the human capital management process.


Human Resources Management

LinovHR enables HR team managing their personnel database, employees time, travel and even calculating employees’ payroll, tax, loan and benefit.

Talent Management

Happy employee, great productivity. Have more time to plan a strategic scheme and achieve organization’s goals with your best talents.

Employee Self Services

With Employee Self Services feature in LinovHR, employee could organize their own biodata, leave days, claims, and requests.

Document & Office

No more untidy and dusty spreadsheet! You can get rid of thousand piles of paper at your desk to LinovHR. Plus, arrange all of your office stuff; from meeting rooms even until printers via LinovHR.

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