LinovCRM is a provider of enterprise business solutions, with a strong focus on Customer Relationship Management.

We are creating solution for vertical line industry continually and prepare to compete with global CRM software in Indonesia. Enforce your entire team in sales, marketing, customer services with LinovCRM platform.



Powerful CRM to manage and track your cycle sales from engage new leads to win the deals.

Manage leads, accounts, contacts, activities, forecasts, opportunities, documents and everything to help your sales process. Learn and Analyze every steps you do through our analytic tools and dashboard


Automation marketing to enable powerful campaign and integrate with 3rd apps, email and social media. Social CRM to detect virtually every social media profile related to contact. Look at your marketing effectiveness with task and dashboard.

Customer Services

Listen to your customer more intimate and productive. Serve them by multi channel support: email, ticket, chat, social media and phone.

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